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Checklist for Mailing Louie Entries

Please include a printed copy of your invoice with your shipment. Your invoice(s) can be found on the Louie site by logging in, going to ‘My Account’ and then clicking on ‘Invoices’.

2. GATHER (4) CARD SAMPLES FOR EACH ENTRY (including envelope)
After submitting your entries online for judging, please mail four card samples to GCA Headquarters for each entry. Submit all samples at the time of entry so there is no delay in preparing the cards for judging.

Entries to the Rising Star, Illustrator of the Year and Writer of the Year categories must include five different cards (4 of each, so you will mail 20 total), and Letterpress entries must include three different cards (4 of each, so you will mail 12 total) so that the judges may evaluate the line as a whole. If the entry is a boxed set, please include the whole set, including packaging. For wedding invitations, please include the entire suite.

Three samples must be covered for judging. ALL marks unrelated to the design MUST be covered, including company information, pricing, barcodes, and any other identifiable markings. Please note that cards without logos properly concealed will not be eligible for judging.

  • If this is a boxed set, please do your best to cover the information on all cards in the set.

For the fourth sample, no adjustments / coverings are needed. If your entry is chosen as a finalist, this sample will be photographed, and the images will be shared as part of early promotion of the finalist entries. This sample may also be used for display purposes.

-PREFERRED METHOD TO CONCEAL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION:  Using double-sided tape, cover the back with thick, white cardstock.
-ALTERNATE METHOD:  If the design of your card carries to the back, you may cut the cardstock to cover only the section of the card necessary to conceal the company information. The cardstock should extend the length of the card.

4. WRITE PRICE, SKU AND ENTRY NUMBER ON EACH CARD **This must be done or else your card will not be judged.
On the bottom right corner on the back of the card, write the EXACT retail price of the card, the style or SKU number, and the 9-digit entry number. Important: Write the actual MSRP of the card, NOT the price break of the category you are entering e.g., write ‘$4.25’ not ‘Above $5.00’.

Reunite your newly concealed and penciled cards with their envelopes (as sold) and put them in a box or rigid envelope, with a copy of your invoice and mail to:

Greeting Card Association
Attn: Louie Awards
2851 S. Parker Rd, Suite 1210
Aurora, CO 80014

Questions? Please contact gca@greetingcard.org.